Jens Wiechmann
Jens Wiechmann

In all beginnings dwells a magic force...

And hopefully it is powerful enough to help me creating an entertaining website. Actually it is for you to decide if I succeeded so let me start with a warm welcome and a short introduction of what to find here and why somebody creates a personal website in the days of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


This website shall be the home for everything that I caught with my camera and that I want to share with the outside world. It is neither a blog for daily food pictures nor am I a professional photographer promoting a business. It is just a way to share what I see and what others might find beautiful, interesting, funny, or simply distasteful.


Facebook is not ideal as I do not want to throw away my copyrights without need and LinkedIn is a professional network and not the right place for my stuff.


Finally, you may find some info about me and other little gems on this site. Feel free to take a look and enjoy your time here.



Last Update: 2019-01-05

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